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Camp Testimonials

I highly recommend Hillcrest Academy. My children attended their summer camp for the first time this year and loved it. I love that they get to do a variety of things during the day, they have regular teachers that are caring and fun, and that the academy offers swim lessons and open swim. The facility is well maintained and access is monitored. I can visit any time to watch the kids at their swim lessons or during any of their activities.

-K. Paez (5/2014)

This school is absolutely amazing! We have sent our son there since he was about 15 months old. He is now 6. Since the time I went there to see the facility I fell in love. He begged me to go back to Hillcrest for Summer Camp instead of going to our Township school summer program with his new friends from Kindergarten. I have no doubt that we will be going there every year from now on. The classrooms are always so clean and organized and the staff is so friendly and genuinely care for your child and his/her needs. I have never had a problem with the way things were handled here, at all. The children go outside on a regular basis and they have separate playgrounds that are age appropriate which I loved. The older ones don’t get bored and the younger ones aren’t at risk for getting hurt. Even the babies get to go outside on buggy rides on a daily basis so they have some outside stimulation and get some fresh air. They have an in-ground pool (and baby pools for the little ones) which the kids get to go in every day in the summer and get the opportunity to have swimming lessons (at an extra cost). The amount of trips they go on and the activities that come to them are remarkable. Just in 2 months of Summer Camp they went on about 7-8 trips for his age group. He always has a great time. They have so many different companies from the outside come as well so they don’t have to leave the premises to enjoy different things. I literally could go on for days about how great this place is. Anyone who ever asks me where to send their child to daycare I immediately, without hesitation tell them Hillcrest. You will not be disappointed. When other parents ask me where I go and I tell them they always tell me they have heard amazing things about them. I have never heard of one bad experience yet.

-A. Parrino (1/2014)

Hillcrest has great loving staff who takes pride in what they do with the kids. They make very nice projects and teach them a lot. Summer camp is so much fun for the kids with their in-ground pool, splash pools for the little ones, and a wonderful big play ground.

-B. Collis (11/2015)

Both of my children have attended Hillcrest Academy for two years and they love it! The teachers are patient, loving, and caring! The age appropriate playgrounds, and the swimming pool in the summer are a plus.

-J. Ortiz (10/2015)

Best daycare! The staff is great. My girls love all the teachers. They have great swim lessons too!

-H. McAteer (10/2015)

Hillcrest Academy has been a wonderful place for my kids to spend their days in the summer. The facility is outstanding with a huge playground and in ground pool, my girls never want to go home! The staff at Hillcrest is top notch and we love every one of them!

-L. Johnson (1/2015)

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