Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I register my child?
    We start accepting registrations in February and accept new registrations until camp is full.  Try to register early because Hillcrest Academy Summer Camp days fill up fast.
  • Where do I get a registration form?
    At the front desk, or Call Us and we can Email it to you, or in the “Camp – Register Now” tab under Summer Camp on our website.
  • When does registration end?
    Registrations will be accepted right up until camp starts as long as there is space available.
  • Do I have to pay a fee when I register?
    Yes,  There is a $100 non-refundable registration fee in order to hold your child’s space in camp and a $50 non-refundable Deposit per 4 week session Your child is not registered until all Documents and fees are submitted
  • Will you accept my registration form without a check or for the required fee and deposits?
    No. Registration and all forms and fees are required for HCA to send out your welcome package
  • Can I register for a portion of a 4-week session?
    No. We cannot adjust the dates. 4-week camp sessions are not split.  Our Mini Camp 1 Week sessions at the start and end of the Summer Season.  If you are planning to vacation during one of the 4-week sessions there is no Pro rating of the camp fees.
  • Do I have to register for all of the sessions?     
    No, there are three 1-week sessions and two 4-week sessions. You can register for all five sessions or any combination of the five sessions.
  • What are the Program dates for Summer Camp?  
    First (1st) Mini Camp (Begins First Week of Summer Recess),
    Second (2nd) Mini Camp (Follows First Week of Summer Recess, usually completes by End of June),
    First 4 Week Camp Session (Usually First Week of July Thru Last Full Week of July),
    Second 4 Week Camp Session (Usually First Week of August Thru Last Full Week of August),
    Last (3rd) Mini Camp (Usually First Week of September).
  • Do the children get Swim Lessons if they register for a Camp but don’t swim?
    We do offer Swim Lesson Programs as an additional option, all the Hillcrest Campers have use of the Pool every day providing they are onsite during their Pool Time. Swim lessons are a separate program from the Campers Swim time and are not allowed in certain areas of the pool until they can prove their ability to swim, Pool Time is subject to the weather permitting.
  • How are the groups formed?
    Generally the Summer Camp groups are formed by age, or school grade and are comfortable in their grouping.
  • Do I have to pay for trips and treats?
    Children in the Beachcomber will be entitled to 2 to 5 trips depending on the number of days attending for each of the 4 week camp programs;
    For example if your child attends both July and August Camp programs 5 days per week, they will go on 10 Trips, plus a number of Camp treats. If they attend only 3 days per week they will go on 6 Trips, plus a number of Camp treats on the days they attend.
    Starfish 2 to 4 trips per program session, based on the amount of days your child attends,  included in the cost of the camp along with great activities we brought to our camp campus.
    Children in the Guppy program will be offered approximately one to two optional trips per session at a nominal additional fee.
  • If I have more than one child, do you offer a sibling discount?
    Yes, there is a 10% sibling discount that is limited to Camp only not to any additional options such as swim lessons or additional Trips and Treats
  • Do I have to be registered for camp to take swim lessons?
    No, we do offer an outside swim program; there are forms on our web site that explain that program and the costs. However a medical release form is required.
  • My child is currently in the Infant/Toddler year round program but going into preschool in September. Do I need to register my child for camp?
    Yes, any child going into preschool (Age 3 by October 1) is eligible to register for camp. These children are moving from a year round program to our 10 month school program and summer camp. You are required to pay deposits to reserve your child’s space in camp.
  • If I register for camp am I automatically registered for the next school year?
    No, you must register for the next school year separately.
  • Do you offer the lunch program during the Camp Sessions?
    Yes,  During summer camp there is our regular sized lunch for $3.50 per day option and as well as $4.50 per day option for our older Campers who need the energy. Menus will be available at the front desk for pre-orderor or on the website.
  • Do you supply snacks?
    No. Parents/Guardians will provide an AM and PM snack/drink. However there are some treats provided from time to time.
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